[yapc] Day 1 Surveys available

Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 00:53:01 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

Having enjoyed a great first day, please take some time to let the
speakers know what they got right or wrong, and help them improve their
talks for next time. Though please remember to be polite and
constructive in any feedback.

All the first day talks, including the Lightning Talks, are all now
active on the YAPC::NA Conference Survey site. To complete the feedback,
please use the link sent via email to the address used when you
registered for the conference within the Act system. If you have not
received this email, please check your spam filters first, then contact
me offlist and I will let you know the right link.

For further details please see the wiki page:


Hope you all have great second day :)

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