[yapc] bbq lunch on tuesday

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Mon Jun 27 14:32:12 PDT 2011

>>>>> "UG" == Uri Guttman <uri at StemSystems.com> writes:

  UG> i am organizing some sort of lunch expedition to 12 bones bbq for
  UG> tuesday lunch. check them out at 12bones.com.

ok, we are going to meet up in the morning break (10:50) and figure out
what we are doing - takeout or eat in. and we can call in the takeout
order then. bring cash for either way. if takeout, i can drive over and
i will need a navigator (i have a map). we can eat in the conf room
tables. i am leaning towards takeout but can be convinced to eat in.

we can also discuss things at the banquet tonight. if you don't know me,
ask someone who does. :)


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