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I hear that Ashville is a great little city.

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>I just discovered this treasure trove of beer information on a
>knitting board I frequent. I am not familiar with Asheville, so I
>don't know where any of these are in relation to the conference, but I
>thought others might be interested. --oylenshpeegul
>Highland Brewing: The first and biggest of Asheville’s breweries,
>Highland Brewing launched the craft beer scene here. It’s a bustling
>working brewery, with a clattering bottling line and huge tanks filled
>with ale. Highland now has a tasting room to welcome visitors.
>Highland Brewing is best known for its flagship Gaelic Ale (a malty
>amber brew) and the robust Oatmeal Porter. It’s located at 12 Old
>Charlotte Highway at the Blue Ridge Motion Pictures studios.
>828-299-7223. Tasting room open Thursdays and Fridays.
>Green Man Brewing: Known here by its nickname, Dirty Jack’s, Green Man
>has become a beer geek’s haven, with a small bar and a handful of
>tables. A big-screen TV is constantly playing international soccer
>matches. Most of the brews have a British vibe, such as pale ale. And
>be sure to ask for today’s cask-conditioned selection. It’s located at
>23 Buxton Ave. 828-252-5502.
>Asheville Pizza and Brewing and Asheville Brewing Company: These
>sister operations share the same lineups of house brews and food
>(pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc.) But each has its own style.
>Asheville Pizza and Brewing features a second-run movie theater, game
>room and family atmosphere while Asheville Brewing includes a big
>patio, a liquor bar and a more adult theme. Flagship beers are Shiva
>IPA and Ninja Porter. Asheville Pizza and Brewing is located at 675
>Merrimon Ave. 828-254-1281. Asheville Brewing Company is at 77 Coxe
>Ave. 828-255-4077.
>French Broad Brewing Company: This little brew-house, located near
>Biltmore Village, combines a working microbrewery with a small tasting
>room featuring live music. Musicians play on a stage just a few feet
>from the brewing tanks, while visitors watch from a handful of small
>tables. Trains frequently roll by on nearby tracks. The music is free,
>but be sure to leave a tip for the players. The beers have a European
>edge such as the creamy Gateway Kolsch and 13 Rebels Extra Special
>Bitter. It’s located at 101 Fairview Road. 828-277-0222.
>Pisgah Brewing Company: Take the movie “Weird Science,” combined it
>with beer, and that’s the scene at Pisgah, where almost any style
>goes. The operation includes a colorful tasting room and complex that
>includes live music, art gallery, game room, a big grassy back yard,
>and working brewery. All beers are certified organic. It’s about 20
>minutes from downtown and well worth the drive. Flagship beers include
>Pisgah Pale and Endless Summer golden ale. It’s located at Eastside
>Business Park, on old U.S. 70, Black Mountain. 828-669-0190.
>Wedge Brewing Company: Based in an old warehouse in Asheville’s French
>Broad River Arts District, the Wedge squeezes much use from a small
>space. Most of the room is occupied by brewing tanks, but there’s also
>a bar and tasting room. Many visitors take a seat on the old loading
>dock outside or at an inviting patio. Asheville’s railroad yard is
>just a few feet away, and trains often rumble by, adding to the
>ambiance. Flagship beers include Payne’s Pale and the mysterious (and
>powerful) Golem Belgian Ale. It’s located at 125-B Roberts St.
>OysterHouse Brewing: Asheville’s smallest brewery, it’s tucked inside
>the Lobster Trap restaurant on busy Patton Avenue. This is primarily a
>restaurant, so seafood lovers should grab something to eat (there’s an
>impressive selection of oysters, which match up well with the house
>beers). The flagship brew is Oyster Stout. Yes, oysters are used in
>the brewing, leaving behind a slightly salty taste. Live music is
>offered several nights a week. Located at 35 Patton Ave. 828-350-0505.
>Craggie Brewing Company: Craggie is a brewery with a heart, which is
>evident from the causes it supports, the vendors it does business
>with, and the way it inspires giving. Craggie sells beer with a
>conscience – organic in craft and whenever possible, brewed with local
>ingredients. From building the brewhouse with as much reclaimed or
>recycled equipment as possible, to discounting Willibechers for those
>who choose to donate to select non-profits, Craggie Brewing’s Public
>House is a place where the community can gather to have a good time
>while doing good for others. Located at 197 Hilliard Ave.
>Lexington Avenue Brewery: The Lexington Avenue Brewery combines all
>the ingredients of a rockin’ good time. In addition to beer that
>exceeds Asheville’s rigorous standards, the LAB also features an
>extensive food menu, a live music venue, and a hostel upstairs. For
>the perfect blend of fun and affordability and even the option of a
>cozy bed to sleep in, the LAB has got it all. Located at 39 N
>Lexington Ave. 828-252-0212.
>And the Thirsty Monk is a great pub that deserves a visit, it is
>located downtown.

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