[yapc] contact info

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Wed Dec 28 19:17:44 PST 2011

On  0, JT Smith <admin at yapcna.org> wrote:
> I'm looking for some contact info for people who do very interesting things with Perl that aren't highlighted all that much. I'd like to invite these people to come speak about what they do at YAPC. I'm hoping you can help me get some email addresses. Here are the areas of interest I have:
>  - Yahoo! uses Perl for lots of things, or at least used to. I'd like to find out if they still do.

Here's a talk given on Yahoo! Pipes, which was written in Perl.  The guy who 
did this talk might have some leads and may himself be available.


Outside of the topic of large companies using Perl, I'd love to hear a talk
from the guy who did this Perl SDL game:



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