[yapc] BOF - local perl monger meeting attendance

Zebrowski, Zak zaz at mitre.org
Fri Jun 25 14:36:32 PDT 2010

*         Keep your home page up to date, or if not feesable, stop it from becoming out-of-date.  If you find that you can't keep the "next meeting date" bit up-to-date, remove it.  Its better to say "its the second Wednesday of every month" then it is to say "March 10th, 2010" months after that meeting has passed.
Agreed.  At http://dc.pm.org ; we use a wiki, and a lot of members contribute.  A simple re-captcha is used to verify a user is valid before we allow someone to edit content.  We also have a "talk queue" rather than an explicit set talk, so that way we can have multiple talks in the queue for any given night.
*         Notify your PM's mailing list about meetings a few days before they happen.
Agreed.  I wrote a very simple perl script that runs every night, and checks to see if next Tuesday is the first Tuesday in the month, and sends out a reminder email to the list @ dc.pm.org to  start talking about next week's talk ; with links to where the meeting should occur and how to unsubscribe to the mailing list.
We also have an informal discussion as to possible places to meet for dinner before the meeting,  on or a few days before the event, if you can leave work early...

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