[yapc] Anyone interested in crashing CPOSC in October?

Brad Lhotsky lhotskyb at mail.nih.gov
Tue Jun 22 20:45:34 PDT 2010

http://www.cposc.org/  October 16th, 2010, in Harrisburg, PA

I'm friends of the Central Pennsylvania Linux User Group that throws the
Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference.  Gabor Szabo mentioned he'd
like to have some Perl presence at this event. I sent an email to the
CPOSC organizers and they informed me that they currently have _zero_
talks on Perl.  They also expressed interest in hosting some Perl
Content this year.

I'm going to do my best to put together a few additional talks for the
CFP (Closes July 19th).  The Baltimore.PM (Mike Barry, Dawn Wallis, and
myself) are interested in setting up a Perl Table at the conference.

Any one in the area want to come hang out with a cool group of people
and spread the word about Perl? :)

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