[yapc] YAPC Questions

Heath Bair chairman at yapc2010.com
Tue Jun 15 10:59:19 PDT 2010

1) To get to yapc or the dorm or whatever, do we need printouts or
codes or anything? Can we just tell people our names and show our IDs?

The dorms have a list of people and their rooms and they are creating
packets now.  The conference registration we have a list of paid/not
paid people.  We will be doing conference checkins Sunday afternoon
2pm-4pm in the Blackwell and in the south campus dorm ( Morrison Tower
) lobby.  Also YAPC checkin will start Monday morning at 7am at the
Ohio Union building.  Now if you miss all three of those options just
stop by the hospitality room (
http://ohiounion.osu.edu/visit_the_union/building_map/second_floor )
"Ohio Staters, Inc Traditions Room".

2)  Is there a wiki page for Ride Sharing?

3)  How far is the airport to campus? (just in case I need to get a shuttle etc)
There is a Blackwell Inn shuttle that runs every 30-45 mins (if you
are staying at that hotel).  If you are staying in the dorms you can
grab a taxi or call us for help.
We are thinking about making some runs back and forth to the airport
on Sunday.  Just call the YAPC Hotline: 866-667-YAPC or 614-678-5134
and someone from the YAPC::NA team can help.

Cell:  (440) 289-9820

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