[yapc] T-shirt sizes

Heath Bair chairman at yapc2010.com
Mon Jun 14 08:43:15 PDT 2010

The "T-shiRts" can now be seen at the proper URL, sorry for any trouble.


Heath Bair

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 11:31 AM, Mark Senn <mark at ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:
>    mark> If you do another T-shirt order I may be interested in ordering
>    mark> (please put picture of shirt on web).
>  Heath> The tshirts are red with the this logo on the front.
>  Heath> http://yapc2010.com/yn2010/images/yapc_tshits.jpg
> Heath,    Don't like the color.  If you do other color in the reorder
> please let me know.  Thanks.  And thanks for hosting YAPC with all the
> related work that goes with it.    -mark

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