[yapc] stem (and other stuff) hackathon on thursday

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Jun 24 22:31:04 PDT 2009

i will be hosting a stem hackathon on thursday in the 3rd floor lounge
of resnick. we will gather about 11am or so (when we wake up and crawl
over). we will work until late thursday evening with a dinner break. we
have plenty of left over pizza, soda and some beer in the lounge
(full-sized) fridge and i will spring for any other lunch or snacks from
the nearby food trucks.

stem is a message passing framework and toolkit that needs some tlc to
make it work better with cpan.  i will be glad to demo stem and explain
it with slide shows to anyone who is interested. this is a chance to
learn about async operations, highly modular architectures, message
passing and more.

steve scaffidi and i will be the core group and anyone is welcome to
join in for some of it. you can help with many different things or learn
some about stem.  here are the primary (and all doable) goals:

fix the minor issues with its installer

add a wrapper support for AnyEvent

integrate external docs into the module pod and create (with an existing
new tool we wrote) pod for the object attributes. also we will be adding
as much new pod as we can.



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