[yapc] arrival dinner is set

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Wed Jun 17 20:10:28 PDT 2009

>>>>> "CW" == Casey West <casey at geeknest.com> writes:

  CW> I'll throw out there that the sharp edge is easily a walk/bike ride
  CW> away from CMU and Oakland. <= 2 miles.

and i will throw out that i said that already and it is also on the
wiki. this was at the end of my post but lost in full quoted top

  >>> they have a small lot next to the building and there is street
  >>> parking. we will meet at cmu at 5:30pm (location - any best place to
  >>> meet?) and caravan over. some may choose to walk as it is only 1.7
  >>> miles.

this is just a minor proof that bottom posting is the only logical way
to reply to emails. if you had done so, you would have seen what i said
and not have to state that walking is very feasible. as socialist czar
of yapc, i demand that emails be replied to in bottom posting style. or
i will cut off your fun!!



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