[yapc] arrival dinner is set

Daniel J. Wright Dan at DWright.Org
Wed Jun 17 18:32:22 PDT 2009

YAPC wants a cookie.  :)

But seriously, to say that the lot next to Sharp Edge is small would be an
understatement.   Expect to park on the street and walk a block or two.  
Car-pooling is strongly encouraged.

As for a meeting place, I recommend the circle directly outside of the
University Center.


> hi all,
> we have 43 signups and we can handle a few more if walk-ins show up. i
> have agreed to a minimum of 40 people which we will have no problem
> given a few inevitable no shows and walk-ins. we will be using the back
> dining room which is larger than the game room (which isn't really a
> room!). i will have tickets to track those who pay and such. remember it
> is $25/person and BRING CASH! exact change (break something into 5's)
> would be great.
> the menu voting is done and i have called it in to the beer emporeum.
> caesar salad
> chicken parm
> baked scrod (baked with lemon sauce, cajun remoulade on the side so you
> 	    can have it either way)
> buffalo meatloaf
> fresh vegetables
> rice pilaf	(20+ servings)
> mac & cheese	(20+ servings)
> i arranged to have both mac & cheese and rice pilaf but half as much of
> each. so don't pig out on both of them!
> i didn't order a dessert course since it wasn't on the menu. the manager
> is looking into ordering cookies or brownies for us. since we have
> $2/person left, we may do that as well. any comments on wanting that or
> should the extra $2 go to yapc?
> they have a small lot next to the building and there is street
> parking. we will meet at cmu at 5:30pm (location - any best place to
> meet?) and caravan over. some may choose to walk as it is only 1.7
> miles.
> thanx,
> uri
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