[yapc] YAPC|10 Courses

Robert Blackwell robert at robertblackwell.com
Mon Jun 15 08:00:19 PDT 2009

We still have some seats available for courses:


Sun June 21

 From Zero to Perl (Paul Grassie) $100.00
Special fast-paced course for programmers new to the Perl programming 

Introduction to Moose, a Modern OO System for Perl (Dave Rolsky) $120.00
Learn how to use Moose, a powerful, declarative, and extensible OO 
system for Perl.

Thu June 25

Better Programming Through Testing (Michael G Schwern) $123.00
Learn how testing and other best practices fit together to make you a 
better, faster and bolder programmer.

Introduction to RDBMS and SQL for the Totally Ignorant (Joe Celko) $150.00
Light introductions to RDBMS & SQL for programmers who know only file 
systems and procedural coding.

Fri June 26

The New Stuff in SQL You Don't Know About (Joe Celko) $170.00
A look at features in Standard SQL that have been added after the core 
SQL-92 Standard.

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