[yapc] arrival dinner and menu

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Fri Jun 12 12:39:28 PDT 2009

hi all,

so using the powers vested in me by $DEITIES who hate flash, i selected
the beer emporium (part of the sharp edge beer places). the arrival
dinner page has been updated with a map and directions. transportation
logistics still have to be worked out but you can walk/stagger there
from CMU (only 1.7 miles) and we will likely organize a caravan there.


the menu needs to be chosen and i think they have a good set of
choices. the cost will be $25/person including tax and tip (and a bit
extra to go to yapc). this page has all the details and you can vote on
your fave foods. i will select the winners later this week.

their Game room can hold 35 and we have 22 signed up. extras will be
seated in the main dining room and i will check if they can share in the
buffet (likely). walkins are welcome but signing up is MUCH better. we
need a good head count to order the right amount of food.

soft drinks are also included and there is a cash bar with very good


see you there and on the wiki.



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