[yapc] arrival dinner

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Fri Jun 12 01:09:46 PDT 2009

hi all,

i have been late to this yapc as the socialist czar but i will pump out
the volume over the last week beforehand. the arrival dinner location is
not set and i am doing some perusing the listed venues. my first bitch
is that church brew works uses flash for their main stuff and it doesn't
work on this box (will work elsewhere but fuck them for doing it
anyway). what i did read about banquets was annoying and i would veto
them for the draconian language they use there. 

	the church brew works does not allow balloons or confetti.

'nuff said.

sharp edge has a decent looking menu but i don't know about the buffet
setup. given the low signup count so far (21) we could possibly just do
a large sit down with ordering from the menu. this will placate those
who dislike buffets and make my life easier! :)


penn brewing also has flash and it just crashed firefox for me. fuck
them too!!

flash is for video and media. IT IS NOT FOR MAIN CONTENT as it can't be
searched, browsed with text browsers, crawled, indexed, folded, spindled
or mutilated (thought its users should have that done to them) etc.

so sign up anyhow, and i will work on landing a place for the arrival
dinner. one issue is the late date and some want decent time before
booking a large party.

more to come (with less ranting i hope).



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