[yapc] Hotel Discount For Late Comers

Joshua Gatcomb joshua.gatcomb at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 11:12:11 PDT 2009

I just booked my hotel because I was working out issues regarding
training reimbursement through my employer.  Obviously the dorms are
no longer available and the Quality Inn discount rates ($105/night)
are no longer available.  I searched priceline looking for a nearby
hotel (I have the luxury of a car as I am driving up) that was of a
decent quality and an affordable rate.

Going soley by the customer reviews on priceline, I decided on Comfort
Inn Conference Center which claims to be about 6 miles away from CMU
at $85/night.

Instead of booking through them, I called directly as often there will
be information not available on the web.  I was informed that there
was a university discount even though I was not a student - just
attending a conference of $69.99 / night.

If there is anyone out there that has not yet made their reservations,
this may be a good place to stay.

I will also be happy to drive if someone wants to carpool (room for 3
other passengers).  Apparently all the local cab companies have merged
into Yellow Cab (412-321-8100) and Morgan (the front desk clerk)
guessed that fare would be between $20 and $40.  That is obviously a
bit pricey but I am not sure what other public transportation is

Anyway, thought I would share.

Joshua Gatcomb
a.k.a. Limbic~Region

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