[yapc] YAPC::NA Surveys - Deadline Extended

Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 00:58:44 PDT 2009

Dear All,

Due to me being extremely busy this week, I haven't had the time to send
out reminder emails to those have yet to complete the main conference
survey. As such I plan to get around to this over the weekend, so have
added an extra week on to the deadline.

The deadline applies to the Talk/Tutorial surveys as well as the main
conference survey, so even if you have completed the latter, please
consider completing any surveys for talks and tutorials that you

If you have lost, misplaced or deleted the original email with your
unique keycode in, please get in touch and I'll sort you out.

Just for a bit of healthy competition, the surveys were also launch for
YAPC::Europe last week, and I have some numbers that might prove
interesting. All numbers as of 08:50 BST 14th August 2009.

|                       | YAPC::NA | YAPC::Europe |
| Total Attendees       |      284 |          331 |
| Conference Survey     |      109 |          154 |
| Talk/Tutorial Surveys |      373 |          701 |
| Open for (in weeks)   |        5 |            1 |

Understandly the Europeans are more responsive as they're more used to
completing these surveys since 2006. While I'm very pleased with the
level of response so far from YAPC::NA attendees, there are still lots
of you that might have a particular insight that could help future
organisers improve the conference experience for all.

If you haven't completed the main conference survey, the mail I'll be
sending out over the weekend will include your keycode to give you
access to the survey site.

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.

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