[yapc] Test Automation using Perl - Master Class

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Fri May 30 09:01:32 PDT 2008

As you might already know right after YAPC::NA on June 19-20
there are going to be four master classes you can choose from:

Intermediate Perl by brian d foy
Beginning Catalyst by Jonathan Rockway
System Administration by Jesse Trucks
Test automation using Perl by Gabor Szabo

Each class is two full days of training from 9am to 5pm.
The price for each class is $200.
You can register for the classes through The Perl Review:

Master classes are extremely low cost versions of the full
courses taught by training organizations.

I can say a few words about the  "Test automation using Perl"
class I am going  teach.

First, you can read about it on my blog:

You can also look at the syllabus of the course:

Originally it is a 3 day long course with approximately 50%
exercises. During the master class I am going to skip most of
the time allocated for exercises to have enough time to go over
all the material.
I expect that the students will do the exercises in the breaks or
in the evenings :-)

In the first part of the course I am teaching how to use
the test framework of Perl (Test::More and friends)
to test Perl modules.
In the second part I am using that knowledge to test all
kinds of other applications such as networking devices
(router, firewall etc), databases, file systems,
web applications and even desktop applications.

The interesting thing I noticed that in most of the classes I was teaching in
Israel people were more interested in the networking and system level stuff.
Most of the times they don't care about web applications and usually they
don't even know how they work.

On the other hand the last time I taught this course in Oslo, Norway
prior to the QA Hackathon, I had a totally different experience. Those people
knew a bit about networking but were not too interested. They were very
interested in testing web applications. So now I am adding more content
to show how to test a web application regardless in which language
it is written in.

If you are interested, please register now so we have
an estimation on how many people will attend.
You know, we need to print the materials in enough
quantity and stuff like that.

If you know others - even if they don't attend YAPC itself -
who should learn about Test automation - then please let
them know about the course.

BTW if you are interested in test automation, there are couple of
resource I created lately:

Test Automation Planet
   aggregating several blogs related to testing

Test Automation Tips
   tips on test automation I am going to send out irregularly


Gabor Szabo http://szabgab.com/blog.html
Perl Training in Israel http://www.pti.co.il/

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