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and here I thought Al Capone was being referenced by the murder... this being Chicago ;-)
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On 30/05/08 00:33 -0400, Rocco Caputo wrote:
> On May 30, 2008, at 00:07, Joshua McAdams wrote:
> >> WM> Something veggie/vegan would be nice, but personally I'd be  
> >> happy if
> >> WM> there was at least something on the buffet line that wasn't  
> >> greasy
> >> WM> and/or deep fried.
> >>
> >> i will attempt to address that as well. i should talk to the  
> >> gooseisland
> >> people tomorrow.
> >
> > Goose Island is a brewery.... isn't beer vegan :)
> Depends whether it's made with murder!  http://www.veganconnection.com/notvegan.html

    Heifer whines could be human cries

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