[yapc] Transportation From the Airport

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Mon May 19 14:31:27 PDT 2008

> But now after spending 4 days on the IIT campus, I can say I was
> pleasantly surprised by the campus.  Whatever my prior image was of
> the South Side (mostly from watching the Blues Brothers too many
> times) that's not at all what IIT is like.  The campus has lots of
> grass and trees and interesting modern architecture, crisscrossed by
> broad avenues.  And the el stops right in the middle of campus.  I
> never felt the least bit unsafe.  You probably don't want to be
> wandering around the neighborhood at that hour of night with luggage
> (true for any big city) but if you stick to campus you should be fine.

The neighborhood has only improved since then.  They've opened up an
Red Line 'L' entrance on the north side of the station, which is
closer to the center of campus.  Also, there have been new condos
going up and all of the immediately surrounding project housing has
been removed.

> If you remember how to get to the dorms (MSV, not SSV) it's only a
> block or two from the el stop.  However, if you don't remember how the
> campus is laid out, or if you weren't there 2 years ago, you might at
> least consider having someone meet you at IIT el stop.

If you do take the Green line in, consider exiting on the North side
of the platform.  It will put you just a 1/2 block from MSV.  Details
can be found at:


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