[yapc] Tuesday night

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu May 15 13:52:25 PDT 2008

>>>>> "y" == yapc  <yapc at packy.org> writes:

  y> Since I wound up changing jobs right around last year's YAPC::NA, my
  y> memory's a little fuzzy...  is there some kind of party prior to the
  y> auction on Tuesday night?  I remember one from the last Chicago YAPC
  y> and the one in Toronto...

the auction is part of the yapc banquet which is free to attendees. the
banquet dinner is usually before it so we can get the attendees liquored
up enough to bid high on stuff!

  y> And if we were thinking about being cruel and dragging along an SO
  y> who has no knowledge of Perl, could that be bought into? 

the banquet can be fun for outsiders depending on how well they can
handle being around perl hackers. :) but in general you can buy seats to
the banquet for the uninitiated. last time in chicago (2 years ago) it
was at dave and busters which offered plenty of games and fun for those
who didn't want to be bored to death by that auctioneer (me :).

uri, yapc socialist czar


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