[yapc] OK...i gotta ask, where's the video of the lightning talks?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Jun 25 15:49:56 PDT 2008

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 03:52:03PM -0400, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 08:49:08PM +0100, José Castro wrote:
> > Tell me this: if it wasn't a strip show, and if Ingy was actually
> > speaking... What was he saying?
> Something about things even he would never do with Perl...

My interpretation was that Ingy will do absolutely _anything_
with Perl, including strip on stage at a YAPC.  You simply
have to be always ready to avert your eyes when it's possible
you may be exposed to _any_ of Ingy's... uhm... modules.  :-)


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