[yapc] OK...i gotta ask, where's the video of the lightning talks?

Jason L. Froebe jason at froebe.net
Wed Jun 25 12:48:13 PDT 2008

Hope it goes up on the internet archive (http://www.archive.org) for historical reasons :)

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So I'm back in Portugal, got lots of sleep, miss you all a lot, and
mistakenly threw my WebGui mascot into the washing machine with all the

JT, the octopus is fine. It survived amazingly well. Good material you got there :-)

Anyway, I saw this email and I'd like to second it: I'd also love to see the video of the lightning talks :-)

Cheers, :-)


On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 8:27 PM, Ellenbaum, Dan <Dan.Ellenbaum at weatherinsight.com> wrote:

An intern here was hanging out in #yapc when ingy "did
his thing" and my boss was saying in our company chat room "We're
not sending danE to any more erot!c conferences! ;-)"
I've got to show them what was up with all those
talks. Also, several were just plain hilarious. Oh, and informative
that's the ticket! Yes, boss, send me to Pittsburgh next year! ;-)
//does that make me gay?
//no, driving a purple mini does, dan
//has been up since 4 AM for mysql errors, YAY! (it's
2:30 PM CT)
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