[yapc] birthday greetings

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Jun 18 09:36:27 PDT 2008

hi all yapc birthday kiddies,

i want to wish a 'happy birthday' x 3 to jim brandt's triplets who are 2
today! his only wish is large donations of baby sitting time in buffalo!

and special birthday wishes to myself who turned 51 today. yapc always
is on either my birthday or anniversary (6/27). i have a great wife who
knows how important this is to me and let's me out of the
house. actually she throws me out! she sent an email to a friend this
week and cc'ed me and commented on how nice and clean the house is!!

so if you want to give me a birthday hug or whatever please do
so. especially those of a certain gender! :)

any other birthday kiddies out there? it is also paul mccartney's!

uri, who is about as mature as the brandt triplets combined!

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