[yapc] It is sooooo hot....

Todd Rinaldo toddr at null.net
Sun Jun 15 21:23:24 PDT 2008

In attempts to take some load off of the organizers, I've volunteered
to be the point of contact for dorm issues.

The big issue right now...


Here is what I've been able to establish:

Tonight I spoke with Sahar at the front desk. She was able to confirm
that 4th floor South and "Most" of North have a non-functioning water
cooler. The reason is known by maintenance to be some sort of problem
with a control panel. A replacement part could not be retrieved until
Monday. As a result, they have not been able to turn on the water
cooling tower that provides the cold to your room radiator. Your fan
will function, but no cold air will come out.

Tomorrow I will be in contact with the Housing office to establish the
status of the AC and will keep everyone up to date on this list when
the AC is fixed. Please let me know by emailing me directly if you are
having trouble in other areas I have not mentioned so I can track the

If you are having any other issues, please let me know and I will be
happy to help I am in North 210.

Todd Rinaldo

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