[yapc] blues night out again

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Sat Jun 14 15:37:13 PDT 2008

hi blues fans,

i went with two other yacp guys last night to see eddie shaw and the
wolf gang and we had a blast. we ate bbq at the smoke shack down street
and went to the kingston mines for the show. it is an unusual place with
2 rooms for music each with their own stage. while the opening act was
playing the smaller room, we sat in the larger one watching the wolf
gang set up. at 10:30 sharp they started playing. i have almost never
seen music acts start on time! there is a $15 cover charge. they also
sell goose island honkers ale which was what we all drank.

they were stupendous. tight as a drumskin, soulful with all their
singular talents shining. eddie shaw plays sax, vocals and harp and all
his 50 years of playing is right there to hear. the bass player has been
with him most of that time and he is worth the visit alone. the guitar
player (vaan shaw) is eddie's son and he played some songs on a triple
necked (yes i said triple!) guitar. it has a twelve string, what seemed
to be a 7s string and a regular 6 string. he used them all and you can
see why he did that. plus it looks amazing!

my plan for tonight is to leave about 8pm from MSV. we can meet at the
hackathon lounge or at the front desk. we can do dinner at the club
(they have good looking bbq and southern food) and stay for at least one
set of eddie shaw.

email or irc me if you are interested in coming. this is what chicago is
all about so take the shot and come along. you will have a great time.


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