[yapc] Exercise facilities in/near dorms?

Ann Barcomb ann at domaintje.com
Sat Jun 14 10:42:58 PDT 2008

The last time that YAPC was held here, I had no trouble going to the gym
every morning so long as I was willing to miss the first talks.  It didn't
open quite early enough for me to do both.  I seem to remember that my
key to the dorm room was enough to get me in.

- Ann

> Packy Anderson wrote:
>> Just wondering: are there exercise facilities in/near the dorms, and
>> maybe even a decent scale?  Both my fiancee and I are trying to
>> manage our weight...
>> -packy
> The "exercise facility" would likely be Keating Hall, the phys. ed.
> building. I don't know what sort of access we would have to that
> building, however. Josh?
> c4
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