[yapc] How do I get access to the wireless?

José Castro cogurov at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 17:15:15 PDT 2008

Hi, everyone!

In less than 6 hours I should be getting up, running to the airport (because
I'm sure it's really going to be closer to 7 hours than 6), going to Paris,
running to another plane (because apparently the travel agency I used sucks
and thinks that changing terminals at Charles de Gaulle can be easily done
in less than an hour), crossing the Atlantic to Chicago, and then finding my
way to the dorms...

Once I get there, and after I realize I'm missing some important information
to be able to check in at the dorms, information which is bound to be
somewhere among my email, which is not on my current laptop and therefore
I'll only be able to access online... How do I get access to the wireless?

I searched the emails, but didn't find this.

Can anyone help me? :-)

Thanks, cheers, and see you really soon now (I hope),


José Castro
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