[yapc] Around Club Quarters Central Loop

Andreas Marienborg andreas.marienborg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 14:52:04 PDT 2008

On Jun 13, 2008, at 11:49 PM, David Moreno wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-06-13 at 07:53 -0400, Ricardo SIGNES wrote:
>> * David Moreno <david at axiombox.com> [2008-06-12T19:43:55]
>>> I will be staying in the Club Quarters Central Loop hotel with my  
>>> wife
>>> since Saturday. I just would like to have some help since most of  
>>> the
>>> conversations here is around the dorms and the IIT :) What's the  
>>> best
>>> way to take to go from ORD to the hotel, and what's the best way  
>>> to go
>>> from the hotel to the conference venue?
>> Me, too.  See you there.  If you see us around, I'm sure we'd be  
>> down for
>> swarming to the venue.
> Oh, sweet, since most of the talk here is about and around the  
> dorms, I
> thought nobody was actually staying in CQ. See you there then.

I'm at the Wacker CQ, if anyone want to head down together, let me know

- andreas

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