[yapc] Pre-Hackathon musings

Allison Randal allison at perl.org
Fri Jun 13 08:30:14 PDT 2008

Joshua McAdams wrote:
>> Do we have a location yet for the pre-conference hackathon other than
>> "somewhere in the dorms"?
> There is a lounge on each floor of each wing of the dorms.  We have
> South 1st-4th, East 1st-4th, and North 1st, so there should be at
> least nine areas to choose from and possibly more.  On the layout that
> I've seen, the lounges on the first floors seem to be a little smaller
> than those on the higher floors, so if the hack-a-thon gets big, you
> might have to go up to spread out.  I'm not sure what is in each
> lounge yet.

There's a also huge lounge area with comfortable chairs on the first 
floor of McCormick between the 4 wings. When you check in and get your 
dorm map, it's listed as the "McCormick Lounge" between North Hall and 
Fowler Hall. I only see 4 power outlets for the whole huge room, though, 
and they're not close to the chairs, so pack your powerstrips/extension 

The lounges in the wings have a power outlet every 6 feet or so, the 
rooms are about 10x10. Most have 4 dining chairs and a couch, some have 
an extra couple of arm chairs.


P.S. This message sent on the dorm wireless, with strong signal and fast 
connection. (At least until everybody else shows up.)

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