[yapc] Fwd: Pre-Hackathon musings

Krishna Sethuraman krishnoid+yapc+rat at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 14:51:01 PDT 2008

> There is a lounge on each floor of each wing of the dorms.  We have
> South 1st-4th, East 1st-4th, and North 1st, so there should be at
> least nine areas to choose from and possibly more.  On the layout that
> I've seen, the lounges on the first floors seem to be a little smaller
> than those on the higher floors, so if the hack-a-thon gets big, you
> might have to go up to spread out.  I'm not sure what is in each
> lounge yet.

I'm planning on bringing an 8-port hub and 4 power strips, but a
Chicago local will need to bring a long 3-prong extension cord so we
can get an 'outlet' to the middle of the hackathon floor.

Also, if a Chicago local would be so gracious as to bring a cheapie
postscript laser printer or buy one off craigslist or fry's -- or at
least something that could print pdfs easily; i.e., produce a pdf or
postscript file on your laptop at the hackathon, scp, ftp or smb it to
a common laptop acting as a server, and have someone write a script to
monitor the directory and send such items to the printer -- that would
be *really* appreciated -- for code listings, annotating
documentation, thinking on paper, printing boarding passes, maps,
directions, etc.

I have trouble typing because of my hands, and would have greatly
appreciated one to print out a handful of web pages and docs, and ask
some folks for clarification on some items with pencil and paper
during the last yapc.


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