[yapc] Pre-Hackathon musings

Will Coleda will at coleda.com
Thu Jun 12 13:54:31 PDT 2008

Do we have a location yet for the pre-conference hackathon other than
"somewhere in the dorms"?

I have several people interested but not entirely sure where to show
up, other than the dorms, and I don't know how vasty and sprawling
those are.

We don't yet have a specific start time on Saturday; It's just going
to be when enough of us congregate together. I'll be meeting up with
at least two other hackers Friday night; I'll try to get us to agree
when the three of us will show up, and scout out the location, and
update here and on the wiki, so by Saturday morning, hopefully it'll
all be settled.

Anyone who is interested in attending the hackathon, and is afraid
they cannot find it, feel free to ask me for my cell #. I'll also have
access to this email continuously (except in flight), so feel free to
email me, also. We will also be on irc.perl.org in #hackathon, so even
if there isn't a really organized location, just sign onto the
channel, and we can have a multi-spacial hackathon. Whatever works.

If anyone has some room in their suitcase, we'll no doubt need a few
power strips. I'll try to also bring some notepads and pencils for
thinking on paper. Anything else folks think they'd need that would
require even a modicum of planning, that they can't bring themselves?

We are probably in need of a local to guide us when our bellies start
to rumble. Sadly, I'll be packing most of my own food this trip, but
the occasional food-not-from-a-vending-machine-or-pouch would be most

Hope to see you there!
Will "Coke" Coleda

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