[yapc] special diets/meal for banquet

Krishna Sethuraman krishnoid+yapc+rat at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:57:25 PDT 2008

> At 15:20 -0400 2008-06-10, Uri Guttman wrote:
>>does anyone need/want a special meal for the banquet? this includes
>>kosher, halal, and dietary issues.
> Gluten free (protein and carbs)

Wheat-free and dairy-free , and vegetarian for me (and real easy on
the onions).  Preferably something with some good protein in it, like
legumes/beans or tofu.

> Thanks for asking

Also, can I order some of your special cocoa?  I'd like 2x1lb of each
flavor; if it's easier to ship it, that's cool too.


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