[yapc] Dorm Checkin

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 09:28:10 PDT 2008

Hello and thank you once again for attending YAPC::NA 2008.  This
email is intended to answer any questions that attendees staying in
the dorm might have about their on-campus stay.  If you aren't staying
in the dorms, you probably don't need to read any further.

All attendees staying on campus will be housed in the McCormick
Student Village located at 3241 S. Wabash Street (Between 32nd and
33rd St.) There are many wings to this dorm, but one main lobby that
has 24x7 staffing for check-in.  The main check-in time is from 3-5pm
each day, so there is the potential that if you show up at an off
time, there will only be one person at the front desk.  If there is a
line, please be patient.  There should be plenty other Perl hackers
around to hang out with while you are waiting.  If you are checking in
outside of 3-5, could you send me an email letting me know when you
plan on arriving.  If there seems to be a busy point, we'll make sure
that the dorm has extra staff at the front desk so that check-in is
faster for everyone.

There is parking to the South of the dorm just below 33rd street and
to the East of the dorm just off State street between 32nd and 33rd.
If you are signed up for a parking pass, you will want to use one of
these lots.  There is a culdesac beside the dorm off 33rd.  Please
pull up to the metered areas until you get your pass at check-in.

If you are arriving via public transportation you'll want to take the
Green Line to Bronzeville/IIT or the Red Line to Sox/35th.  If you are
taking a bus, you probably already know what you are doing.

Off of the Green Line, you will want to exit off of the North side of
the platform.  MSV is just North of the station, across 33rd Street
and to the East of the Student Center.

Off the Red Line, you'll have a little more of a walk.  Exit off of
the North side of the platform onto 33rd Street and turn East (right).
 Once you pass under the L "Tube" (2-3 blocks), you'll see MSV on your

Your dorm room includes a linen package.  This includes sheets, a
quilt, a towel, and a rag.  Soaps and shampoos are not provided.
There is however, an on-campus store in the student center that most
likely has some toiletries.

See you at YAPC,

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