[yapc] banquet menu and choices

Krishna Sethuraman krishnoid+yapc+rat at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 18:32:17 PDT 2008

> That's my experience too. The meat-eaters often sample everything and if
> you're a veggie and you're late to the line, you could be out of luck.

krishnoid++ -- in addition, consider that veg*ns need to eat a larger
volume of food because 2 oz of vegetables doesn't fill you up like 2
oz of meat.  So sizable herbivores who are already big eaters tend to
eat more vegetables than a comparable volume of meat.  So when
competing with omnivores for veg*n options, we worry about coming up
short.  I suggest erring on the side of more veg*n servings.

Hungry hungry hacker,

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