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On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:25:09 -0400, Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com>
>>>>>> "DW" == Darcy Whyte <darcy.whyte at gmail.com> writes:
>   DW> I can see that there's some talk in this list about things outside
>   DW> the schedule that I've printed for the conference. (Banquets and
>   DW> such). I joined late and it's a lot of work to figure out what's
>   DW> going on by reading all the messages.  Can someone summarize that
>   DW> activities have been planned so far so I can assess going to them?
>   DW> I'd want to know locations and times, description and cost of
>   DW> anything that's up.
> as others have said most of the events are scheduled and on the
> wiki. monday night is open and there will be many ad hoc outings (last
> time in chicago many went to due's for deep dish pizza in several large
> and separate groups). there may be a movie event in the dorm common
> space if we can use a tv in there. dave adler is bringing dvds, possibly
> one he ordered for me if he gets it on time. others can bring
> appropriate dvds too (you know, tasteless, goofy, sexy, sci fi!). there
> is no official schedule for this movie event so keep your ears peeled
> and read this list. yapc is a very fluid conference so just make new
> friends and ask them what they are planning. groups coelesce and break
> up like oil drops in water.

As the ersatz "organizer" of the MST3K BOF my official time is "some
evening, probably Tuesday or Wednesday." And my contact suggestions are
"Look for the guy wearing either a Yellowstone T-shirt or (if I can find
it) a Origami USA T-shirt." Hopefully this gives you a more visceral notion
of how informal these BOFs are.

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