[yapc] Packing for YAPC

Mike Whitaker mike at altrion.org
Tue Jun 10 11:57:49 PDT 2008

On 10 Jun 2008, at 15:42, Ellenbaum, Dan wrote:

> if anyone has the hours when the desk is open and also
> if you can check in a day early, that would be great!
> The only thing I see in the "Questions" wiki is:
> http://conferences.mongueurs.net/yn2008/wiki?node=Questions
> "
> How do we check into the dorm rooms?
> Each dorm has a lobby area on the first floor. You will be able to  
> check
> in there at the front desk"

Given that the webpage for MSV says "McCormick Student Village is  
comprised of six interconnected residence halls...",
how do we know which one to check into?
Mike Whitaker - mike at altrion.org

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