[yapc] banquet menu and choices

Dave Rolsky autarch at urth.org
Tue Jun 10 05:43:59 PDT 2008

On Mon, 9 Jun 2008, Uri Guttman wrote:

> reply back (to the list, not just to me) and vote for your choices
> 	THE BIG EASY 10 (90 servings)
> 	Mixed greens with assorted dressings, seafood jambalaya, chicken
> 	etouffee, dirty rice, corn bread, bread pudding, and assorted
> 	sodas.
> 	the big easy buffet has no choices so we just get that.
> 	A TASTE OF ITALY BUFFET (90 servings)
> 	Choice of 2 Pastas: Penne, Fettuccini, and Spaghetti
> 		uri: fettucini, penne
> 	Choice of 2 Sauces: Marinara, Alfredo, and Meat
> 		uri: Alfredo, and Meat

I'd really appreciate it if we could get Marinara sauce on some pasta (I 
don't care what), if that sauce is vegan, which it probably is.

> 	MIDDLE EAST BUFFET  (30 servings for veggie/vegans)
> 	the middle east buffet is not listed in the pdf but i was told
> 	it has tabouli, felafel, hummus, salads and grilled chicken. i
> 	will get more details. this is mainly for the veggie/vegan crowd
> 	(but if there is enough for them, you can have some). also there
> 	are many sides to the other buffets which are veggie/vegan.

This sounds great to me.


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