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Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Mon Jun 9 20:26:58 PDT 2008

ok all of you, and i mean ALL of you. this is about the food at the
banquet. there is no anti-banquet event planned nor allowed. this is
also when the auction is held and i will be noticing anyone who leaves
before then!

the banquet will be on campus in the new big room in the conference
building (correct me if i am wrong there). it will be catered by sodexho
which is a large corporate catering outfit that can actually cook decent
food once in a while (i have worked at places which had sodexho run
cafeterias :).

here is the full catering menu but see below for what choices you have
to make. look for the bountiful buffet and moveable feast sections. in
my infinite wisdom i have chosen the taste of italy buffet, the southern
buffet, the big easy 10 and a middle eastern buffet (unlisted but
offered to me by their rep). i didn't get the pizza nor mexican nor
asian (the pacific rim) as i don't want them. you want to change the
menu, you volunteer to be the socialist czar. be glad i let you have
some choices at all!!


my plan is to order 90 servings each of the first three and 30 of the
middle eastern (which is mostly vegan) giving us 300 servings (we have
about 290 attendees so far). they give generous portions so this should
be plenty of food and drink. when you come up to the buffet, remember
that you don't have to eat some of everything!

all the selections come with sodas, water and desserts. we can order
extra drinks like iced tea and lemonade if there is interest. i also
requested soda flavors beyond cola and lemon/lime like root beer and
black cherry. they will order these (typical they don't stock them!).
more on adult beverages below.

so here are the choices you have to make along with my suggestions. i
don't think we have enough time to wiki vote so just reply with your
choices. unless someone wants to take this on and do the wiki (i

reply back (to the list, not just to me) and vote for your choices

	THE BIG EASY 10 (90 servings)

	Mixed greens with assorted dressings, seafood jambalaya, chicken
	etouffee, dirty rice, corn bread, bread pudding, and assorted

	the big easy buffet has no choices so we just get that.

	A TASTE OF ITALY BUFFET (90 servings)
	Choice of 2 Pastas: Penne, Fettuccini, and Spaghetti
		uri: fettucini, penne
	Choice of 2 Sauces: Marinara, Alfredo, and Meat
		uri: Alfredo, and Meat
	Choice of 1 Meat: Grilled Chicken Strips, Meatballs, and Italian Sausage
		uri: Italian Sausage
	Buffet includes Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Chef's Choice
	Dessert, and assorted sodas

	i was told the accompanying desserts will be tiramisu and biscotti

	SOUTHERN BUFFET (90 servings)
	Choice of 2 Entrees: Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, and
		Fried Catfish Nuggets
		uri: Fried Chicken, Fried Catfish Nuggets
	Choice of 3 Accompaniments: Baked Beans, Corn Cobettes, Mac &
		Cheese, Steamed Green Beans, Red Beans & Rice, Yams, and
		Collard Greens
		uri: tough choices - mac & cheese, yams, green beans
	Buffets includes Cornbread, Coleslaw, Pecan or Sweet Potato Pie
	and choice of beverage.

	dunno about if we choose pecan vs sweet potato pie for
	dessert. i will ask.

	MIDDLE EAST BUFFET  (30 servings for veggie/vegans)

	the middle east buffet is not listed in the pdf but i was told
	it has tabouli, felafel, hummus, salads and grilled chicken. i
	will get more details. this is mainly for the veggie/vegan crowd
	(but if there is enough for them, you can have some). also there
	are many sides to the other buffets which are veggie/vegan.

now on to the important stuff: adult beverages. when you get to the
banquet you will be issued a single ticket per person (method to be
determined later). this will be good for one beer, either draft or
bottled at the bar. yes, there is free beer as in free beer! they will
have the usual swill on tap and reasonable stuff in bottles (local goose
island microbrew, corona, heineken, sam adams, etc.). the bar will be
cash for other drinks and extra beer (unless you can steal beer tix from
your table mates!). they will have wine but i dunno about mixed drinks
and i will ask. remember to drink the free beer and buy more drinks as
the auction will be afterwards and remember our motto:


uri, i will be your catering coordinator tonight.

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