[yapc] arrival dinner status

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Jun 5 20:05:42 PDT 2008

hi all,

looks like my last spam caused more of you to signup and vote. we went
from 29 to 37 and we need to get to 50 to get the room reserved. i fully
expect that to happen but the sooner the better so we don't have any
deadline issues (you need to have a solid headcount some time in
advance). and the voting is moving forward. either plenty of new votes
came in or someone fixed the formatting!

as of now, CRUNCHY CHICKEN SKEWERS is in the lead with 12 votes and MINI BBQ
PULLED PORK SANDWICHES is close behind with 10 votes. grilled obama is
next followed by mccain clubs!

so keep on signing up and voting! walk-ins are welcome but it is much
better if you signup so we have a decently accurate headcount. this
event is open to all so bring your family, enemies, pythonistas,
entourage, groupies, etc. but SIGN THEM UP FIRST!

uri, the yapc spammer in the canner!


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