[yapc] yapc.org out of date

Jim Brandt cbrandt at buffalo.edu
Mon Jul 7 06:37:35 PDT 2008

adam.prime at utoronto.ca wrote:
> Quoting Jeff Bisbee <jbisbee at gmail.com>:
>> I definitely agree with Gabor.  It was a pain going to yapc.org and it
>> not linking driectly to yapc.or/America redirect.
> There is a link to yapc.org/America, it's just buried in the copy.  The 
> link on the conference name links to the google calender event that 
> drives the whole thing (which probably isn't really how it should work)

That's correct, the list of events is driven by The Perl Review events 
calendar. Those events don't have a way to include an event link, so the 
only way to get the event link is include it in the event description.

We could try to parse the event description to get the link, or suggest 
some standards for the description text to make it easier, but I think 
this would be error prone. My main goal was to make this as automatic as 
possible (I know, I'm lazy).

As far as how it should work, I'm all ears if someone wants to suggest 
something (and offer the time to implement the suggestion).

> The script that generates that page is in the google code repository 
> though, so i'm sure you could submit a patch to make it better and 
> they'd love you forever.
> http://tpf.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/yapc/yapc_org/bin/extract_cal_events.pl

Indeed we would, at least for a while.

Jim Brandt
The Perl Foundation
email: cbrandt at perlfoundation.org

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