[yapc] yapc.org out of date

Ann Barcomb ann at domaintje.com
Fri Jul 4 11:25:45 PDT 2008

I'm including the group responsible for yapceurope.org in this mail.

On Fri, 4 Jul 2008, Gabor Szabo wrote:

> I know, I know but I just looked at it and http://yapc.org is out of date.
> http://yapceurope.org/ is better but I don't see any prominent link
> from one to the other.

The yapceurope.org website is for the YAPC::Europe Foundation, not
just for YAPC::EU conferences.  This is why the website links (on
the front page) to TPF, which is closer to the same scope as YEF.

The 'Conferences' page (http://www.yapceurope.org/conferences.html)
lists all previous YAPC::EU conferences and also links to other
YAPCs.  The North America site links to http://yapc.org/America
which is currently redirecting to the Act website for Chicago.

I'm not sure where a link to yapc.org would fit in.  Perhaps it
should be on the conference page, or perhaps there should be a
page with 'additional perl resources' although I'm not sure I
want to maintain a list of perl websites.

Do you have any suggestions as to where yapceurope.org could
link to yapc.org, bearing in mind the purpose of the site (which
to me suggests that it does not belong on the front page)?

- Ann

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