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Todd Olson tco2 at cornell.edu
Mon May 7 05:51:58 PDT 2007

Hi Richard
I've been investigating these issues myself

At 14:53 -0400 2007-05-06, Richard Dice wrote:
>Looking forward to getting those details soon - I bought my plane 
>ticket earlier this morning.  I'll arrive at IAH around 4:10pm 
>(local time) Saturday, depart on Thursday morning at 6:30am.  I'd 
>like to be able to book at the dorms all of the nights in between.
>Also, what is the recommended way to get to the dorms from IAH?  I 
>see general information on travel at 
>but not a specific answer to this question.  It should probably be 
>there as this "use case" is probably going to describe the plurality 
>of attendees.

As far as I can tell IAH is a far distance, in space and time from YAPC.
I have a colleague here at work that used to live in the area and she says
it is a real pain to get to IAH and emphatically recommended Hobby airport
if at all possible.

None the less I have learned the following about to/from IAH.

One of the most convenient was seems to be Super Shuttle

They suggested that going from YAPC to IAH might be of order $30
and that they would likely schedule the pick up for a minimum of
3 hours before departure time.

I was considering at 6:30 am departure, like you have, but for me, being
ready to leave at 3:30 am was too hard.

Also traveling by metro (bus?) at that time does not seem possible.

It does seem that there are hotels within a couple miles of IAH
so going up the night before is attractive.  www.kayak.com was
useful for me in exploring this.

As for from IAH to YAPC the metro (bus) might be possible, with
transfers and such, but it looks difficult, and my colleague basically
discounted it as a viable option.  So Super Shuttle look most promising
coming in.

Todd Olson
Cornell University
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