[yapc] Slides: Caring and Feeding of Large Web Applications

Elizabeth Cortell zrusilla at mac.com
Fri Jun 29 13:54:30 PDT 2007

I've sent him an email nudging him to do just that.


On Friday, June 29, 2007, at 01:40PM, "Kosmoski, Matthew" <Matthew.Kosmoski at argis.com> wrote:
>Would anybody know of the best way to get in touch with Perrin Harkins?
>I'm going to assume he is subscribed to this list, but if he isn't,
>somebody please forward this or let me know how to get in touch with
>Several of my colleagues (including some who attended his talk) would
>like him to post his slides from "Caring and Feeding of Large Web
>Applications" to the wiki to review and to discuss.
>Matthew "kosmo" Kosmoski

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