[yapc] Pip's Diagramming Perl/Tk Lightning Talk Stuff

Pip Stuart pipstuart at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 00:27:18 PDT 2007

Hey all you awesome YAPC JAPHs,

I obviously need to package up a much better release of my existing
Tk::AbstractCanvas && XML::Tidy modules... && I still intend to
refactor my Diag code to probably become a sub-class of AC itself
someday soon... but since I might not get around to that stuff for a
while, I figured I'd just post links to what I already have since it
works decently && I have gotten so many enthusiastic requests for it.
I'm thoroughly pleased, even flattered, that it's impressive enough to
generate so much genuine interest.  Please enjoy it && let me know if
you put it to good use as-is or improve it somehow.  Also, let me know
if you're interested in being notified directly when I can get around
to separating the application-specific parts && packaging it up as a
general-purpose Tk::Diagram.pm on the CPAN or something.  Thanks for
all the appreciation && encouragement.  It warms my heart to be
generally well-received among so many brilliant minds of my time.  I
don't just mean that as fellatio either...  cunnilingus. ;)  Here are
my Diag ScreenShots && Code:


Have fun! ;)


P.S. Sorry if I forgot some dependency or something but hopefully
enough is there or someone can let me know what's missing && I'll be
able to get it together expediently.  If my code sucks to you or
something, at least I'm trying to release early && often! ;)  Tell me
however you think would be better.

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