[yapc] BBQ for dinner tonight?

Karsten Dahms k_dahms at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 15:38:36 PDT 2007

Good thing you like us :)

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>>>>> "JK" == Joey Kelly <joey at joeykelly.net> writes:

  JK> On 6/25/07, Jon Miner <miner at doit.wisc.edu> wrote:
  >> Proposal for meeting?]

  JK> Oberholtzer at 6:30? Back in time for the game room thingie.

<damn, learn to edit emails!!>

i am leading some to goode's. recommended by wade. meeting in the hilton
lobby at 6:30. also close by and could even be the same place that joey
knows about. :)

i wanted a small group. ain't gonna stay that way it seems.


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