[yapc] How do I get SMTP in UH dorms?

Brad Lhotsky lhotskyb at mail.nih.gov
Sun Jun 24 22:16:02 PDT 2007

ssh -l youruser -L4025:localhost:25 some.serveryouhaveaccount.com

Then configure your mail client to send via localhost:4025.

Walt Mankowski wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 24, 2007 at 08:56:50PM -0700, James Keenan wrote:
>> I've been told that the answer is:  You can't.  They
>> block the SMPT port for security reasons.  So I have
>> to communicate via a webmail account.
> So how do the students here send email?  I'd think there must be a
> local SMTP proxy that they can use.
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