[yapc] should i rent a car?

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Jun 21 18:49:52 PDT 2007

i am debating on renting a car for yapc. i was actually thinking about a
minivan so i can shuttle around hackers. if i did, would anyone be into
sharing some of the costs with me? i will try to use priceline or
hotwire to get a good last second deal. i did notice that taxes for
rentals seem very high when i did get some estimates. if anyone know a
way to get a very good deal last second on a car, let me know.

on a related note, would anyone want to ride with me to/from IAH
(assuming i do rent a car)? here are my flight times.

24Jun07   10:35am   Sunday
Air   Continental Airlines   Flight# 324    Class:N Seat:9D
      To:   (IAH)Houston Intercon 24Jun07   01:37pm   Sunday

30Jun07   11:00am   Saturday
Air   Continental Airlines   Flight# 382    Class:N Seat:19D
      From: (IAH)Houston Intercon 30Jun07   11:00am   Saturday

on the arrivals page i see that Josh McAdams and David H. Adler are
arriving around the same time. others may not have put their times on
the wiki. email me SOON if you are interested in sharing my car or a
cab. no one on the departures list leaves close to my 11am time but
again, let me know if you want to share a ride to IAH.



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