[yapc] Last minute hotel floor space?

Scott Walters scott at slowass.net
Thu Jun 21 16:36:09 PDT 2007

Hey happy Perl people,

I wasn't sure if I could actually make YAPC and indications weren't good so
I booked nothing, but now it looks like I can make it.  I already bought
my Greyhound ticket!  Now I need a few square meters to sleep on.

I'd rather have a few "maybe, let me smell you when you get there" replies
than no prospects, so please drop me an email and give me the chance to 
ask you in person (everyone on the Internet is a freak but most people
in Real Life actually seem somewhat sane).  

I enjoy good beer (though I'm capable of being quiet and sober, too), 
mad science, Steve Jackson Games games (I'll try to remember to bring
Hacker and/or Illuminati and/or Munchkin), gabbing about programming
ideas and hackery, Perl guts, antique languages and hardware, and other 
stuff.  I have CPAN modules and dot-com bubble stories.  And if they
approve my late Lightning Talk topic, I might even be a speaker!

I'll bring a sleeping bag.

So, no obligation, but if you might be up for a guest, please drop me a 
note.  Maybe I'll even circulate so I can maximize meeting people and
lessen the imposition >=)


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