[yapc] yapc-na Sunday arrival dinner

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 19 11:52:56 PDT 2007

>>>>> "JF" == Jeremy Fluhmann <fluhmann at gmail.com> writes:

  JF> Menu voting is over and the winner is Fiesta en Guadalajara!
  JF> (all inclusive, minus bar drinks)
  JF> Fiesta en Guadalajara
  JF> Appetizer: Chile con Queso and shrimp quesadillas
  JF> Entrée: Beef and chicken fajitas served with all the trimmings
  JF> Served with Mexican rice and refried beans
  JF> Dessert: Traditional flan and tres leches
  JF> Beverage: Iced Tea or Soda
  JF> 22.50 per person

good choice!

  JF> Tea or soda is included with the meal.  Bar drinks are separate
  JF> (Cash bar).  Please bring cash as it makes it easier to pay the
  JF> restaurant.  Checks will be accepted, as will credit cards
  JF> (pending access to the TPF donations page).

bring more than $22.50 to account for tax and tips as well as the cash
bar. in the past we didn't do credit cards via TPF but directly with the
restaurant. THIS IS A BIG PAIN!!!! so bring cash for this please. go to
an atm beforehand and make a cash withdrawal on your credit/debit card.

  JF> Those that voted for the menu and those that didn't have a
  JF> preference have been moved under 'Attendance'.  Those that voted
  JF> for a different menu have been moved under 'Unconfirmed' since I
  JF> didn't want to assume anything.  If you will be attending the
  JF> Sunday night Arrival Dinner, please add your name under
  JF> 'Attendance' and bump the tally by one.  I'm giving them an
  JF> updated headcount today and a final headcount early Thursday.

i concur. accurate headcounts are important. but one thing i have found
in the past few arrival dinner when they are buffets - they always give
out PLENTY of food with leftovers for sure. so we can handle walk-ins
most likely. i liked how we did it last year with me selling tickets and
pocketing^Wcollecting the cash and paying up all at one time. i will
likely want to do something similar if we can. i would want a volunteer
or two to be my banker partner (hachi again?).



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