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Fri Jun 15 19:11:16 PDT 2007

On 6/15/07, Walt Mankowski <waltman at pobox.com> wrote:
> Now I'm from Philadelphia, so I don't pretend to know from chili.  But
> in my humble opinion anyone who puts Worcestershire sauce in their
> "gravy" has no right to lecture anyone else about what is or is not
> "spaghetti".[1]  Maybe we'll have a YAPC in Philly one of these years,
> and youse can go to South Philly and have some proper Italian food.

My spaghetti sauce is an old family recipe... from the Wilkes-Barre
branch of the family (most of whom now live in Philly, or at least
Warminster), so there (try to pull Pennsylvanian rank on me, will ya?)
 Admittedly, we do derive amusement from the fact that the recipe in
the family cookbook is proudly labeled "Italian Spaghetti," which it
definitely ain't. 'Sreally good, though. And immortalized as doe snot:


> I've never had the pleasure of eating chili in either Cincinnati or
> Texas, but I did have chili on pasta once.  It was at a lovely dive
> bar called the Vienna[2] Inn in Vienna, VA (in the DC suburbs).  They
> call it "chili mac" down there.  The southerners I used to work with
> all loved this place, and drove out there specifically to get the
> chili mac.

Chili mac falls into the "Hamburger Helper" category for me;
specifically, the "school cafeteria" subset. Come to think of it, this
may contribute to my low opinion of chili+pasta.

> 1. It's a type of pasta.

Yeah, and I usually say "sauce" (though that part's kind of a misnomer
too, since it's really "meat, with sauce to hold it together"), other
than I can't really think of anything else I use with spaghetti.
Unless you count spaghettini.

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